Watauga Humane Society Video

Footage completed as part of a classroom effort, final cut individually compiled and edited.

Incorporated in December of 1969, the Watauga Human Society is the oldest non-profit organization in Watauga County.

According to their official mission statement, the purpose of the Society is to prevent cruelty to animals, to promote the relief of suffering among animals and to provide information on humane animal care. They achieve these goals by providing food, shelter and medical care to animals in need at their animal shelter in Boone, as well as through an alliance with the Humane Alliance of Asheville. That said, much of this couldn’t be done without the help of volunteer efforts, from the town and the university.

Overall, WHS focuses its efforts on emptying the shelter. This is only possible, directors said, by preventing the circumstances that result in more incoming animals and through spreading the word about the good that anticipating unfortunate situations can do.

“Shelters are always full of kittens and puppies, so hopefully getting them fixed early in the year will help make a difference for the rest of the year and next year,” Susan King, founder of the Society’s spay-neuter program SNIPS, told the High Country Press earlier this year.

It is this spirit of ongoing charity and investment in the future that fuels the Society’s building progress. Through donations and dedicated workers, organizers expanded the facilities to a new, larger location in 2009, featuring a dog park and expansive shelters housed in a state-of-the-art, environmentally sensitive building.

“When you think of how many charities are out there and how many organizations need money, its amazing to know that everyone still thinks about the animals,” Dee Dundon, who coordinates fundraising events for the Society, told the High Country Press last year.